Summer Scarves

Linen and silk scarves for spring and summer

Tradition Textiles boutique range of scarves for summer are print and woven designs on natural linen and silk. We also use traditional bandhini tie dyeing techniques to develop contemporary silk scarf designs in fashion colours.

Our collection for summer 2018 features linen and silk scarves in geometric and floral designs in beautiful jewel colours.

Please contact us for your closest retail store that supports and sells Tradition products.

Visit Tradition Textiles Etsy shop for online sales of a selection of our favourite merino wool scarves.

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SOFL scarf

SOFL | Silk Ocean Flowers

LPSQ scarf

LPSQ | Linen Painted Squares

SMOT scarf

SMOT | Silk Motifs

STRI scarf

STRI | Silk Triangles

SWGA scarf

SWGA | Silk Washed Garden

SMOD scarf

SMOD | Silk Modernist

SPAT scarf

SPAT | Silk Paisley Tiles

SREG scarf

SREG | Silk Retro Garden

SFLP scarf

SFLP | Silk Fleur Petals

SHYD scarf

SHYD | Silk Hydrangea

SPOP scarf

SPOP | Silk Poppies

LIDA scarf

LIDA | Linen Dabs

LIBM scarf

LIBM | Linen Blue Meadow

LISF scarf

LISF | Linen Spring Flowers


LILC | Linen Lime Collage

LNEG scarf

LNEG | Linen Neon Garden

LWAF scarf

LWAF | Linen Water Flowers