Merino wool throws

Merino wool throws

will add warmth and colour to any room. Tradition's range is woven from fine Australian merino wool that has then been boiled to create a soft, felt texture. Exclusive geometric patterns and paisley designs are in warm, cool and natural tones.

Tradition Textiles interiors collection also includes cotton organdie applique curtains and hand embroidered chainstitch and crewel cushions and ottomans.

Tradition's hand embroidered crewel fabrics

are perfect for upholstery, curtains and cushions on cotton, velvet or linen. Embroidered by specialist artisan communities in Kashmir, India we aim to assist in sustaining this beautiful craft.

Our crewel designs are available, by order, on cotton, linen and velvet lengths of fabric or as custom made curtains. Embroidery is done especially to order or contact us to find out the designs we have in stock.

merino wool paisley throw 1
merino wool paisley throw 2
merino wool throw paisley 3
merino wool paisley 5

crewel embroiderer
crewel embroidery swatches

paisley throw designs
merino wool throw geometric cool
merino wool throw geometric warm

merino wool throw crossword down
merino wool throw crossword across

merino wool throw dot black/white
merino wool throw dot multi


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